Perfect Statement is a boutique wedding and event design company that takes life's most important moments and turns them a celebration you will remember forever.  Every event we produce has its own story to tell and we believe that the details we infuse into each one not only tells that story, but also makes it a one of a kind unforgettable affair. 

Every event we produce is special and the relationships we create while planning and designing those events are what makes us love what we do.  Contact us today to set up an appointment for a complimentary consultation!  We would love to hear about the celebration you are planning and how we can help you make a statement!

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As the owner and designer of Perfect Statement, Megan thrives on the ever changing challenge of creating something new and unique for her clients.  She believes that weddings should be experiences for everyone involved and should leave guests feeling as though it was truly designed and inspired by the guests of honor!

A big believer that you can never know too much, Megan loves to grow her passion by learning at any opportunity. She believes that there is always room for growth as a designer, and that is what makes her job so interesting! Her dedication and zest for design in all she creates is undeniable and has been featured in both international and local publications.